Family business 

Ramian means Ramona and Marian, husband and wife since 2011.

Marian is a great artist, icon painter, and Ramona loves online marketing, as she loves to communicate and connect to people through products stories.

Have you ever used Gold Leaf Sheets?

Whether you're a Pro or just heard of 24k gold leaf sheets utilities, you deserve the best.

You can use gold leaf sheets:

- for gilding wood (as frame golding);

- for skin antiaging mask;

- for cake decoration;


You need to know that what we give you is what you want and need.  Ramian Gold Leaf Sheets is delivered in 10 real gold edible sheets so you can use it all in your projects and don't worry about keeping it safe until the next one.

It's big dimensions, 3.14*3.14 inch (8*8cm), helps you work more productive and also makes the gold leaf sheets easy to use.

We know our products are Best Quality so, if you have any issues with it, just let us know and we will give you free replacement.

Please handle with care. The product is very fragile.



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