Perfect for food decoration: cake, cookies and other sweets.


Very popular for make-up, anti-aging masks and other beauty routine.


Proffesional or amateur in ART&CFAFTS, our gold leaf sheets is perfect for you.

  • - 10 loose edible gold leaf sheets made especially for your small projects;

  • - Easy to use 24k genuine gold leaf sheets for gilding wood, canvas or any other material;

  • - Suitable for beauty mask as our gold leaf sheets are safe for skin;

  • - With our big dimension gold leaf sheets, 3,14*3,14 inch (8*8cm), it's now easier to finish your projects;

  • - Our quality is backed by our manufacture 30 days money back.

Diversity in utility

24k Gold leaf Sheets are well known mostly due their diversity in utility. You can use it in beauty industry (for skin masks) or in make-up (mostly for professional make-up) as it is safe for skin.  You can also use it for cake decoration as it is edible. Most artists use it in frame gilding or other art composition, as it is as much beautiful as easy to use.

Skin masks, profesional make-up
Cake Decoration
Profesional gilding art